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It’s safe to say that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow

To find continued success, you should continue moving forward. This is especially true for businesses that look to innovate and bring new products to market within a crowded industry.

At AirBoss Engineered Products, we continue to push the limits of rubber innovation in directions that reward creative risk-taking. That’s the progressive spirit that’s brought us this far, and it’s the driving force that will bring us further in the future.

Sometimes, that means literally reinventing the wheel, and other times it means utilizing existing infrastructures to expand product offerings.

We’ve done the latter in answering customer demand to offer a brand new AirBoss product we’re calling the HydroBoss hydraulic bushing.

What is the HydroBoss™ hydraulic bushing?

AirBoss hydrobushingAirBoss Rubber Solutions has long been an industry leader in rubber compounding and product development. With the HydroBoss hydraulic bushing, we’re applying decades of engineering and compounding expertise to bring to market a more accessible, more attractive hydraulic bushing.

What makes the HydroBoss™ hydraulic bushing more appealing than the competition? We know rubber, inside and out. It’s that simple. AirBoss isn’t a manufacturer that does some rubber compounding on the side. We’re a global leader, compounding specialists that excel in practical application innovation.

As engineering, manufacturing, and compounding leaders, AirBoss is uniquely positioned to bring our client’s vision to life. The HydroBoss™ hydraulic bushing is a natural progression towards customer satisfaction as we expand our manufacturing capabilities.

How Companies Like AirBoss Continue to Innovate

In an interview with The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard business administration professor, Gary Pisano, outlined three key factors that help large businesses innovate.

1. Strategy for allocating resources to new ventures
2. Having the right systems in place for innovation and problem-solving
3. Company culture

AirBoss would be nothing without the people powering our creative engineering exploration. When it comes to companies branching out and successfully bringing new products and services to market, it’s all about the people behind the scenes.

Investment in your human resource element is invaluable for innovative success. This is true even if that success is simply expanding your product or service offering.

Human capital” is a buzzword in some circles, but there’s no denying that the more you invest in your employees the greater your return on investment will be. In fact, innovation is impossible without the right environments and mechanisms in place for employees to help facilitate progressive change.

Invest in your human capital. Make sure your people have the tools, technology, and resources they need. This is a good place to start if you’re a company that’s trying to innovate but keep running into logistical hurdles.

AirBoss of America
AirBoss of America
AirBoss of America

How AirBoss Got Lucky with the HydroBoss™ Hydraulic Bushing

It’s easy to call having an extensive background in rubber compounding and an aggressive, talented team of experts luck. In that sense, AirBoss is lucky that we’ve established the foundation to be able to innovate relatively easily.

The reality is that we’ve always invested in our human capital.

In the decades since AirBoss was formed, we’ve spent time and money building a company that’s able to streamline development and market innovation. We’ve achieved this through continued focus on finding the right people, providing the right tools, and giving our team the freedom to take calculated creative risks.

With that foundation in place, we’re able to adapt existing processes to focus on new and exciting products and services.

HydroBoss™ is poised to help AirBoss raise the bar of our manufacturing processes while bringing a new element of rubber integration to our customers.

The Future of AirBoss and HydroBoss™

AirBoss is approaching the electric vehicle and heavy truck markets for HydroBoss™ integration, and we couldn’t be more excited about new opportunities coming through the pipeline.

Development and manufacturing of the HydroBoss™ hydraulic bushing puts AirBoss on a path towards generating even more value for existing and potential customers. Hydraulic bushings are not a new idea, but our ability to quickly and easily add them to our offerings opens up exciting new avenues for us and our clients.

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