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Dakota Reeves Airboss Employee spotlightAirBoss CaresPeople of AirBoss
September 20, 2021

AirBoss Employee Spotlight: Dakota Reeves

AirBoss manufacturing engineer Dakota Reeves appreciates the importance of cost-effective, efficient processes. He also understands that modern product development involves plenty of collaboration. “There’s definitely a…
AirBoss NHV solutionsEnvironmentInnovation
September 1, 2021

How Rubber Bushings Work to Minimize Vibrations

Not all vibrations are good vibrations. In fact, when it comes to commercial products, vibrations are usually a bad thing. In the automotive components industry especially,…
AirBoss electric vehicle componentsEnvironmentInnovation
August 5, 2021

Forward Thinking: Making Components for Electric Vehicles

At AirBoss of America, our success depends on everything from financial performance to innovation and corporate responsibility. This keeps our rubber compound specialists searching for new,…
AirBoss Cares - donation effortsAirBoss CaresPeople of AirBoss
July 27, 2021

Local Manufacturing Success Means Supporting Local Families and Charities

AirBoss Engineered Products (AEP) understands the value of investing in local cities and communities. Local Manufacturing Success Means Supporting Local Families and Charities. It’s through our…
Selena Bagozzi - AirBossAirBoss CaresPeople of AirBoss
July 27, 2021

AirBoss Employee Spotlight: Selena Bagozzi

Sometimes, people don't realize their calling until fate introduces an opportunity. Selena Bagozzi has always been a little obsessive when it comes to organization, but she…
AirBoss CaresEnvironmentInnovation
June 2, 2021

AirBoss’ Approach to Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability in Manufacturing Matters Those familiar with AirBoss of America Corp. know that we’ve been a leading manufacturer of high-quality, proprietary rubber-based products for commercial,…
AirBoss Electric Vehicle ComponentsAirBoss CaresEnvironmentInnovation
March 2, 2021

Electric Vehicles and Component Manufacturing Promise Automotive Challenges and Opportunities

AirBoss Engineered Products strives to exceed its customers’ expectations in the rubber engineered products sector. As industry leaders, we continue to bring new products to market…
AirBoss of AmericaInnovationPeople of AirBoss
January 8, 2021

AirBoss Brings Experience and Innovation to the HydroBoss™ Hydraulic Bushing

It’s safe to say that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow To find continued success, you should continue moving forward. This is especially true for…
AirBoss Cares - donation effortsAirBoss CaresPeople of AirBoss
September 8, 2020

Donation Drives

AirBoss Cares AirBoss Engineered Products is committed to giving back to our community. Each year, we host an annual donation drive. Employees donate several hundred pounds…
Representative Haley StevensInnovationPeople of AirBoss
September 8, 2020

Congresswoman Haley Stevens Visits AirBoss Engineered Products

Recently, our Auburn Hills plant was the focus of an initiative by Congresswoman Haley Stevens. Manufacturers Monday brings the spotlight to various manufacturers in the automotive…