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AirBoss Engineered Products Company News

Rubber BandsInnovationRubber
December 6, 2022

Rowdy Rubber: Weird, Wild, and Whacky Ways People Have Used Rubber Throughout History

It’s safe to say that history wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for rubber. The substance is responsible for compounds and products that have fueled…
AirBoss Robotic AutocellInnovation
December 6, 2022

Product Testing and Experience Keep AirBoss Products Innovative

According to AirBoss Engineered Product’s VP of Engineering, Jeff Auten, it’s the ability to work with customer challenges – paired with talent and state-of-the-art technology –…
AirBoss Robotic AutocellInnovation
November 4, 2022

Introducing the Auto Cell, AirBoss’s New Automated Injection Molding Station

One of the more inspiring aspects of the AirBoss enterprise is the company’s drive to innovate in ways that push technology boundaries, challenge traditional processes, and…
AirBoss robotic manufacturingInnovation
September 2, 2022

AirBoss Commercial Manufacturing: From Concept to Finished Product

Manufacturing has evolved exponentially since the early days of iron forges and the first assembly lines. The industrial revolution may have served as the high-water mark…
3d printing prototypesInnovation
September 1, 2022

New Technology and Variety Ensures Cost-Effective, High-Quality Rubber Products for AirBoss Clients

AirBoss Engineered Product’s Director of Engineering, Jeff Auten, understands that while every customer is looking for quality when it comes to compounds and not components, not…
auto suspension checkInnovation
July 27, 2022

Good vibrations? Maybe in Your Music, Not During Your Commute

Good vibrations might have been fine for The Beach Boys and their 409 Chevy V-8, but the modern-day automotive industry views vibrations as a bad thing.…
Scientists in automotive research laboratoryInnovation
July 19, 2022

Quality Solutions Drive Powerful Partnerships

When looking at the best-selling cars and SUVs on the market, it's clear that the continued success of top automakers stems from sourcing quality components and…
AirBoss employee Shelby SmithAirBoss CaresPeople of AirBoss
June 15, 2022

AirBoss Employee Spotlight – Shelby Smith

Legacy matters Which is why it’s important to record and pass on tricks of the trade from legacy members of your organization. That’s what industrial engineer…
May 12, 2022

Do Electric Vehicle (EV) Companies Manufacture All of Their Own Components?

Evolution of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Component Market The electric vehicle (EV) market continues to attract investors and manufacturers around the world. Record U.S. sales in…
AirBoss robotic armInnovation
April 8, 2022

How Automation Drives the AirBoss Advantage

New Automation Technologies Enable Innovation From new compound formulations to exciting updates to our manufacturing processes, it’s a great time to be at AirBoss! We’re always…
AirBoss small batch productionInnovation
March 31, 2022

AirBoss Pursues Low-Volume Manufacturing

When you are a leading manufacturer, you tend to work with equally exceptional partners. For AirBoss, this often means contracting with leaders in their respective industries…
Shazu RafiqueAirBoss CaresPeople of AirBoss
March 29, 2022

AirBoss Employee Spotlight – Shazu Rafique

AirBoss Production Supervisor Shazu Rafique says at first he never saw himself being with the company for over 20 years. Now? He can’t imagine himself working…

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