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Unlock Our Wealth of Engineering
Experience and Rubber Know-How

Elevated Production Capabilities for Advanced Rubber Solutions

Variety is the spice of life, especially in the manufacturing world. AirBoss Engineered Products is a one-stop-shop for all your rubber compound and product design, testing, and manufacturing needs.

AirBoss engineers, material scientists, and production specialists revolutionize the way you design, prototype, and fabricate critical rubber components regardless of the industry.

Our advanced technology capabilities paired with decades of real-world, industry-leading application experience make us the best at what we do.

Let us help you rethink the way you work with rubber.

Exceptional Pre-Production Modeling & Design Capabilities

Perfect Pre-Production Designs with CAD and CAE

AirBoss engineers understand that good design leads to great finished products.

CAD and CAE competencies are commodities within the manufacturing world, and we use them every day to enhance our customers’ design potential.

Visualize Compound and Process Complexities with Mold Flow Modeling

Tooling designs and Rubber Compounds are complex parts of the manufacturing process. AirBoss engineers use mold flow modeling software to optimize the tool design and material to ensure the highest quality production part is made.

Our mold flow modeling capabilities let us visualize how different compounds will flow and cure before we start production.

Maximize Rubber Potential with Material Development Insights

We know rubber. It’s what we do best, which is why customers come to us with their challenges.

AirBoss material development specialists know what works and what doesn’t in our efforts to improve durability, increase temperature tolerances, and enhance any number of advanced rubber traits.

Refine Specifications with Precise Tooling Capabilities

In-house tooling and repair capabilities are invaluable to enterprise-level manufacturers.

Our in-house machining and tooling experts can make adjustments to manufacturing machinery and fine-tune our equipment so things always run smoothly.

Unrivaled Product Testing and Prototype Fabrication Capabilities

Streamline Production Processes with Optimized Operations Control

Decades spent refining our processes means we optimize everything from design to testing to mass production.

AirBoss partners take advantage of our optimized operations control to minimize resource waste and maximize production output.

Revolutionized Manufacturing Methods Use Advanced Robotics

We automate important time-consuming manufacturing tasks so our customers feel like they’re working in the future.

AirBoss’s advanced robotic “autocells” are top-of-the-line, self-contained assembly machines that dramatically speed up our production process and enhance quality.

Evolve Product Competencies with State-of-the-Art Testing

Long gone are the days of hurry-up-and-wait testing and prototyping.

At AirBoss, we can 3D print, rigorously test, redesign, reprint, and re-test multiple iterations of a rubber part in the time it used to take to dropship a new prototype.

We’re fast and effective, so you get data-driven results quickly.

Create Complex Components with Help from Fabrication Specialists

Your design is perfect. You’ve tested multiple prototypes. You’re ready to mass-produce rubber components.

AirBoss’s one-stop-shop, in-house approach fabricates complex components in simple, efficient, and affordable ways.

Advancing Rubber Potential Through Innovative Testing & Application Capabilities

Rubber is more than just the material we work with at AirBoss. It’s an avenue through which our experts help customers create industry-changing products, components, and compounds.
We work with you to refine, test, and produce the finest quality rubber solutions so your business can thrive.
Our partners continue to use our rubber to advance technology in automotive, defense, healthcare, aerospace, building & construction, and many more industries around the world.

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