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The Power of AirBoss Engineered Products

Experience unparalleled expertise in anti-vibration and noise mitigation solutions, catering to a diverse range of global industries including Automotive, Defense, Off-Highway, and Rail. At AirBoss Engineered Products, we harness our proprietary rubber manufacturing technologies to deliver premium rubber-to-metal solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Our superior molded components, optimized for distinctive applications, are engineered to excel in meeting the most demanding requirements.

Performance by Design

Using the most advanced design tools, our engineering team considers all vibration-control factors: material, geometry, manufacturing performance, and customer preferences.

Design through Innovation

Using specialized and advanced FEA tools, we are able to accelerate through the traditional prototype process directly to production readiness. This saves our customers valuable time and money. Design, testing, prototyping, mold fabrication, and production are all handled in one state-of-the-art technical center, resulting in unparalleled speed to market.

Innovation by Choice

We industrialize our customers’ unique needs. World-class material and engineering expertise throughout our production process, like automated auto cells and advanced press machinery, allow us to execute innovative product solutions.

Advanced Systems

Using advanced design tools, our engineering team evaluates all vibration-control factors and customer preferences.

Global Presence

Our location in Auburn Hills and our joint-venture in Malaysia allow us to provide global coverage for our customers.

Value Proposition

Cost is second only to quality. Supply chain excellence, innovative production processes, and lean manufacturing let us to deliver maximum value to our customers.

Optimized Performance

Our customers have direct access to unrivaled technical expertise and an extensive library of compound designs and formulas.

AirBoss produces over 50 million NVH units per year


AirBoss molds product out of more than 100 different types of rubber



Problem-Solving Performance

Creating sophisticated components and solving complex challenges requires  experienced professionals and innovative solutions. We evolve customer concepts into product realities. For over 30 years, our experienced technical staff has utilized compounding ingenuity and the latest molding technologies to solve NVH problems for our customers.

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