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Enterprise-level manufacturing is like a complex puzzle. Every piece needs to be in its proper place for big-picture success, and every piece needs to fit perfectly alongside others to complete the puzzle.

For line leader Jubayel Ullah, finding his place at AirBoss and being part of a bigger picture feels right.

“When I started, I was a press operator,” he says. “[That was] six years ago. Right now, I’m a line leader for the assembly department.”

Jubayel assists AirBoss employees on the assembly floor on a daily basis. This involves taking care of important machinery and ensuring everyone in his sector has the material they need to do their jobs.

“If they need material exchanged, they tell me. I’m the one that gets them everything they need,” Jubayel explains. “If I’m not there, we’re going to fall behind on production. Time counts, and you’ve gotta be on time.”

In essence, Jubayel has his finger on the pulse, and it’s his responsibility to make sure press operators don’t fall behind. Everything from providing the right boxes and labels to maintaining and operating his own machinery is part of Jubayel’s wheelhouse.

AirBoss employee spotlight - Jubayel Ullah
AirBoss Featured Employee

It’s through consistent, quality work that he found himself moving up the company ladder and into a position with more responsibility.

“I didn’t [always] see myself doing this,” Jubayel confesses. “But I always wanted to do more [and] move up in the company. I’m glad I got this position, and I’m happy with it.”

AirBoss leadership is quick to recognize potential, and it wasn’t hard for Jubayel to find opportunity for growth and advancement in the manufacturing sector.

“Basically, I was working and giving a helping hand to fellow workers and my friends. The supervisor saw I was helping people, and they said I could be a good leader for the position. They recommended, and I accepted.”

Jubayel jumped headfirst into the line leader position in mid-2020 amid COVID-19 uncertainty. AirBoss Defense Group was contracted to deliver 100,000 Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) systems, 600,000 filters, and an assortment of related accessories. Employees like Jubayel played an important part in the manufacturing and assembly of PAPR systems when FEMA needed them most.

After the trial by fire of the PAPR order, Jubayel comfortably took up the line leader position permanently. It’s here that he continues to support AirBoss with his attention to detail and positive attitude.

“I get to learn new things,” he says. “And hopefully I can use my skill and work to [continue to] move up in the company.”

He’s not alone. His comfortable-but-confident work attitude is shared by his fellow employees, and it’s easy for Jubayel to recognize.

“Everybody is friendly and easy to work with. At first, I had a hard time, but after a couple of hours I saw management was working and helping everybody. I’ve been with [AirBoss] for six years now, and it’s a great company to work for.”

Jubayel says he can see himself working with AirBoss for another six years and beyond thanks to the people he works with.

“My supervisors, Roy Chandler and Shams Han, I can go to them and they’ll always help,” he offers. “And especially Mary Mason [in] HR. She was the one to tell me about the open positions, and she’s there to help me with anything company-related or personal. She’s always great.”

When he’s not at AirBoss, Jubayel considers himself a handyman. He enjoys getting projects done and gardening around the house. His two favorite sports are tennis and soccer, and you can catch him playing both in his free time.

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